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D V D   C O V E R  A R T

M A N A G E R   O F   C R E A T I V E   S E R V I C E S



As the manager of creative services for Disney Home Video, I worked  mainly on 'Baby Einstein' and 'Little Einsteins'. I acquired and archived assets; from photography, logos and title-treatments to copy and illustration and design elements for creative use. I also managed supervisors, timelines, budgets and creative work orders. I worked with vendors to dictate design and creative rounds to incorporate key art elements, assets and copy with marketing strategies. I ensured that the correct logos, visuals and copyrights were used across products and materials. 

Below are a few scanned examples of the deliverables that I oversaw.

 A D  -  L E A F L E T   I N S E R T S  -  C O U P O N

S A L E S 

C R E A T I V E   A C C O U N T   M A N A G E R

As an account manager, I worked with Disney Home Video to create DVD assets. I worked with the Disney creative team on concept and design, I acquired all assets needed for creative comps and layouts. I liaised between Disney and the designers and oversaw revisions, timelines and budgets. 

Below are a few scanned examples of the deliverables I oversaw.

D V D   B O X   C O V E R

D V D   F R O N T   A N D   B A C K   C O V E R

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